The Duck Academy Ensemble

Who we are?

The Duck Academy Ensemble is an intercultural team of experienced professionals in Human Resources, Change Management, Branding, Marketing, Finance, Business Planning, Research, Education, Social and Political Sciences, Communication, Service Design and Performing Arts. All the team members have a strong track record in facilitating trainings, workshops and events. Services can be delivered in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Marc Sonnaert, Innovation explorer

Think of someone with a long track record in facilitation, with a challenging mind and extensive expertise in all management domains. Someone who can take people on a journey, listen to their stories and let them explore creative solutions to their challenges, whether on a personal, organizational or societal level. Add the capability to energize individuals and teams to actually make things happen.

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Paolo Martinez, Flow navigator

Imagine a person who spontaneously induces flow, creativity and innovation in a playful and effective way, addressing and finding solutions to complex challenges in private and public organisations across the world. Include cross-cultural competences, the mastery of  dozens of innovation techniques and passionate facilitation of more than 200.000 people in over 30 countries. His humanistic focus, by always putting the person at the center of any innovation process.  Someone who and can bravely identify improvements and help to take decisions by including, motivating and empowering people. The founder of the first global mobile Future Center (, of the Renaissing experiential learning model based on art and history (, and a serial entrepreneur nurturing many innovative projects across the world.

A person who strives towards perfection with a right balance of humor, discipline, modesty and self indulgence, who is inspired by art, music, culture, nature, history, awareness of the present and future.

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Jolande Leinenbach, No fear of flying

With a passion for teaching, she has empowered many learners in all kinds of institutions, companies, and projects around the globe to fly and reach out to achieve the most challenging goals. Creativity, play, critical thinking, and focus on the users have always been the most important ingredients to inspire and motivate the learners. She is a serial entrepreneur and coach and has supported people in all walks of life to start up innovative enterprises. eXtreme learning ventures combining focussed training and strategy development with reconnection to cultural and natural heritage are one of her specialities.

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