Interact with your audience!

For sure you’ve been at a conference, a couple of hundred people packed in an auditorium. Information probably went one way, from stage to you as an audience. And as we all know, on any event like this there’s plenty of time catching up with your email and social media, you could even get some work done.

Imagine you could involve all participants by exploring with them from different perspectives: in groups of 10, participants would be discussing the topics raised during short presentations and table masters could present the outcome plenary.

You could even go one step further by letting all participants build Lego models about specific subjects or challenges. After a short introduction to the Lego Serious Play methodology, people would start building, telling stories about their models to each other, making a shared model in small groups and telling their stories plenary.

Imagine all the ideas, the perspectives, the do’s and don’t do’s that might be ready for harvesting!

However, we are used to a one way direction of information when it comes to conferences, annual meetings etc. And in doing so, we overload our audience with information they probably can get in their own time but most of all: we skip an opportunity of interaction.

For all of you who will organize an event in 2016 where you would like lots of people to share knowledge, information and expertise: let’s explore how to make this happen.

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