Is your strategy future proof?

Business leaders are facing a rapidly changing environment, making strategies obsolete as soon as they have been developed. This puts a lot of strain on those being responsible for execution.


Imagine that you have some simple principles that clearly define your strategy. In your daily decision making process, those principles allow you to keep an eye on the future, adapting plans because of this changing world and staying true to core values and vision at the same time. And because these principles are easy to understand and understood by all, the execution of strategy is becoming a daily activity for everyone.


However, we have been taught that strategy comes with a plan. And of course, things are changing so we need to revise those plans on a regular base. In doing so, we keep on adapting our plans to what has happened instead of being prepared for the future.

With ‘Real Time Strategy’, based on the Lego® Serious Play® method, you and your team will learn how to deal with the unforeseen in your daily decision making process. In a highly interactive setting, you will explore how to develop a dynamic and creative strategy, shared by all, based on true values and ready for turning transformation and disruption into opportunities.


  • Workshop from 1 to 3 days: from building the core identity of your company to acquiring the necessary skills to develop simple guiding principles.
  • Groups from 6 to 12 persons
  • Locality: in company or off-site
  • Full documentation of the workshop will be provided, including video and pictures.
  • Price for facilitation between 1250€ and 3500€.

The workshop can be delivered across Europe at a place of your choice in English, Dutch, German, or Italian.

For further information contact Marc Sonnaert,

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