The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership with Passion and Values

Are you a great leader of your team or organization? Do you enjoy your role as a leader? Does your team admire you and work efficiently? If yes, you may be the ideal leader. If you are in doubt at times and have issues, if your team is often unhappy and does not work as smoothely as you wish, our workshop could help you to excel in your role as a leader of your organization or your team.

Two powerful methodologies will be merged – LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and HorseDream® – Horse Assisted Education and in a Real Time Identity process you will be taken on a journey to discover your subconscous and your inner self, detect any issues, and open up your unrealized potential to become to become a better leader – with passion and with values.

Course venue: Epona Coachings, Dorfstr. 10, Moisburg (near Hamburg)

Max. 8 persons per workshop!

Prices depend on the number of participants and services required.

All courses using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and/or HorseDream® can will be tailored to the needs of your organisation – private or public.

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