Unleashing your creativity and imagination

… explore the Power of  Lego® Serious Play® 

Some of the key elements in Lego® Serious Play® are

  • Play: Learning through exploration, metaphors, and storytelling
  • Constructionism: Building knowledge by building things, making formal and abstract ideas more concrete and tangible, and thus easier to understand
  • Hand-mind connection: “Give your brain a hand” – using the hands to build 3D-models of pieces of knowledge, ideas and feelings to open up new paths and layers for free, creative, and expressive thinking
  • Imagination – creative, descriptive, challenging, leading to strategic imagination, the source of original strategies in organisation.

We now offer a 1-day introductory workshop, where you can explore the power of Lego® Serious Play® and get hands-on experience.


In this 8-hour introductory workshop you learn about the science behind Lego® Serious Play® and get hands-on experience how to use  Lego® Serious Play® in many challenging situations – business planning, team building,  conflict resolution, change management, corporate identity development, concept & product development, communication issues, and many more.

Target groups: HR managers, project managers, consultants, trainers, teachers, entrepreneurs.

Dates and venues on demand.

LSP taster workshop are tailored to the needs of your public or private organisation and can be delivered in either English, German, Italian, Dutch or Danish, soon in more languages across Europe and beyond.

Prices will be negotiated depending on the number of participants and venue.

For more information contact us@duck.academy

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